the Law of Attraction

How the Law of Attraction Plays Out in Three Different Methods

If there was a rule book for the Law of Attraction, it would state that there are no clear rules involved at all. Generally, there are three overall methods for implementing the principles of attraction into one’s life. They are dedicated and isolated time, visualizing, and verbalizing. Visit The Secret for a lot more on this famous principle of thought.


The first main method has almost everything to do with visuals. The most common example is a vision board. People print out pictures of things they aspire towards. It could be a giant boat, a mansion, a handsome man, a hundred dollar bill, etc. The images can be blatant or metaphoric (perhaps a heart or peace sign). The vision board is a representation of what the person wants to attract in their life. They see it every day, but they do not have to dedicate time staring at it. It is a physical outlet for pursuing better things.


Another basic method is vocalizing. It encompasses daily speaking to oneself about being a better person, reaching goals, and committing to a task. There is nothing physical necessary in this type of method. The mind will pick up on these wavelengths of positivity. Perhaps just as important, other people will as well.
On the reverse, it means not verbalizing bad words. Words such as “I can’t” and “I’m not sure how.” They are self-defeating. The vocalizing method is something that can be done every day, and it should be done while just enjoying life. It is not necessary to dedicate a time where vocalizing is done. The people who commit to the ideas of the Law of Attraction the best actually interweave these methods, including vocalizing, into their regular life without ever missing a beat.

Singled Out Time

There is a final layer to the methods. Some people need that singled out time. They feed off the energy they get from solely focusing on themselves and what they can do better. A religious version of this is prayer. It is time dedicated to God or to oneself, and there is no other goal. The above methods are used during life. This method is used as a pause from life. It can be woven into yoga and meditation as well. The basic idea is that it is a separation from life that channels good energy and valuable insight.

The Law of Attraction is a series of small ideas that culminate in one great big concept. People implement it in different ways. If the individual feels appropriately challenged and they are doing something every day, the methods are likely a big success.